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Fundamental Chemistry
Lower Secondary School, Upper Secondary School
Regarding to the Web user prerequisites, then those are the interest in chemistry and knowledge of chemistry at the many school levels. It is separated into 5 courses. Some of the materials on the web are quite advanced therefore they cannot serve as a study material itself for students at home. Rather they can be used as an interesting teaching material support during classes accompanied with proper description and explanation. For teachers, this is invaluable when they wish to review their chemistry prior to going into the classroom. First-time teachers who may be uncertain about approaching the subject will see an experienced professional actually teach chemistry. Experienced teachers looking for another approach to particularly difficult areas may find alternative approaches here. Teachers called back into the chemistry classroom after years of teaching another subject find this a reassuring way to re-learn those needed topics without panic. Many teachers find the 30-minute lessons used in the Fundamentals course and the College Chemistry I and II courses highly appropriate for viewing in the classroom, followed by in-depth classroom discussion. The Organic Chemistry is divided into units of varying length.

The contents: The content is clear, formed into five parts and well structured. It is possible to orient within the content by interest, profession, field of study, etc. The content of the materials provides basic as well as detailed information about studies, about experiments.

The aims: As the objectives I see support for students and chemistry teachers; and assistance in teaching practice. The website provides useful materials that would take large amounts of time to be shown during classes otherwise.

How to use it in class: The use during teaching is particularly appropriate for projection of experiments that would not otherwise be conducted it the classroom for lack of time reasons or cannot be performed due to missing chemicals and also for safety reasons. The web provides a better way to teach and learn chemistry by taking advantage of cutting-edge computer based technology and proven educational techniques. It capitalizes on our success in the college classroom, building a program that has evolved from over 40 years of experience and development into what we believe is an unmatched way to teach chemistry clearly and effectively.
It is very difficult to describe this web side- the teaching resource. Because most teaching materials on this website is not free, you must buy it. The free materials are only accompanying texts like workbooks and tables. But when you buy it, it is really interesting and useful material for teaching chemistry. The methods used here are evolving text, animations of key processes, and appropriate lab activities, all with a renowned teaching professor who narrates and explains the chemistry at every step. Three of the courses, Introduction to Chemistry, College Chemistry I, and College Chemistry II, consist of videos made in the studios of Gulf Coast Community College where the most up-to-date technologies for effective instruction were made available.
Interesting teaching materials like DVD and videos are available only as paid service.
Institute of Chemical Technology Prague

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Date: 2012.10.03

Posted by Mustafa BAYRAKÇI (Turkey)

Message: This source is a website that starts at the basic levels and it has cumulative knowledge of chemistry. There are e-books on the website. Book chapters consist from basic chemistry, organic chemistry I and II, college chemistry I and II. The administer of website allows only one of the section of books for free download. Others can be accessed via the purchase. When we examine the available section of books, we will see that there are Forms of information, plenty of examples and questions are prepared that is described as deep knowledge. I think the chemistry professor which is accommodated within 5 source books currently, is so helpful for teachers and students as an additional resource. To encourage diversification of E-books, research can shared to the global extent, it can provide that accessed publications more easily, therefore; it can hope us that are the way of the realization of the principle of equality in education. Chemistry professor is a positive example. Examples of these resources can be drew attention of students in addition it can be useful educational tool for students who is far from browsing through the pages of the book. E-books represent a modern and contemporary way of teaching. I respect the rights of broadcasting these e-books on Chemistry Professor, but I think that the website should allow examining more detail of the books via a computer readable system, even they don’t allow to copy. It is useful side that e-books provide remote educational opportunities. In this sense, I would say that the innovative approach of the source. However, I think logically that there are few differences between e-books and well-written examples of a textbook or a workbook. I disagree with the idea that the book is an innovation in education.

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