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Teachers involved in the Chemistry project tested with their students the teaching resources reviewed by the partners. 
This section of the portal hosts the results of this activity. Each teacher reported:
  • The learning results that can be reached by using the resource 
  • Practical information regarding the use of the resource
  • Suggestions for use
  • Students’ reaction
  • Teachers’ considerations

 Found 43 resource

3DMolSym (Molecular Symmetry) Murat Demirbaş Turkey
A learning sequence “Discovering the chemical reaction” (3rd secondary year). Brajkovic Divna Belgium
A Química das coisas (The Chemistry of Things) Genoveva Ilieva Bulgaria
Amazing Chemistry Teacher Resources Diane Condon Ireland
An Introduction to Chemistry by Mark Bishop Michelle Herbert Ireland
Balloons and static electricity + Circuits + John Travoltage (from PhET site) Anna Pavan Italy
Baza Narzędzi Dydaktycznych - Database of Teaching Tools Monika Pawlus Poland
BBC School Science (Fuels from crude oil, Polymers from oil) Katerina Salta Greece
BBC School Science (Particle model, Atoms and elements, Compounds and mixtures) Véronique Bollinne Belgium
Biochemistry Unit Nadia Zamboni Italy
Chemgeneration Galina Kirova, Jenna Staykova Bulgaria
Chemistry and Water Treatment Pavlína Jiroušková Czech Republic
Chemistry at home Nadia Zamboni Italy
Chemistry Experiment Simulations and Conceptual Computer Animations (Acid-Base titration) Angela Gammell Ireland (,,Trends in the Periodic Table’’ ) Rositza Dimkova Bulgaria
ChemSketch 12 Christodoulos Makedonas Greece
Density (from PhET site) Anna Pavan Italy
Electric current Jérôme KARIGER Belgium
Food Education Ilaria Rebella Italy
Iniciación Interactiva a la Materia (Interactive Introduction to the Matter) Antonio Jesús Torres Gil. Spain
Learn Chemistry (Chemistry for the Gifted and Talented: Atoms, elements, molecules, compounds and mixtures) Sakis Tsechpenakis Greece
Materials for Special uses: Polymers Ioanna Karachaliou Greece
Molecule of water Jérôme KARIGER Belgium
National Educational Portal, Interactive Teaching Resources: Alkanes Galina Kirova Bulgaria
PCCL - Physics and Chemistry by a Clear Learning Pierre Popijn, Cédric Falla Belgium
Periodic table of elements. Lorenza Madrid Villar. Spain
Phet Radka Krasteva Bulgaria
PhET Adília Alcina Gonçalves Tavares da Silva Portugal
PhET (Build a molecule) Jérôme KARIGER Belgium
PHeT (Build an atom, Isotopes and atomic mass, Balancing chemical equations) Véronique Bollinne Belgium
Phet (Reactants/products/leftovers) Niki Rapti Greece
Phet (Reactions and Rates) Margarita Fytrou Greece
Planet Science Under 11s Chemistry Chaos Grace Kenny Ireland
Polish Educational Portal Interklasa Monika Pawlus Poland
Salk's Periodic Table from 50 cool on-line tools Rose Lawlor Ireland
Sodium atom– Sodium ion Jérôme KARIGER Belgium Anna Pavan Italy
The Chemistry of Things Ciara O'Shea Ireland
The Wonderful World of Chemistry Korfios Vangelis Greece
Virtual Chemical Laboratory Petar Rachev Bulgaria
Virtual experiment: viscosity explorer 2012 Giuseppina Caviglia Italy
World Chemistry Ilka Ivanova Bulgaria Maria Fabianova Slovak Republic

National Reports on successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry The national reports on chemistry successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry are now available on the related section of the project portal. The reports presents examples of successful experiences in the partner countries and the results of testing of ICT resources with science teachers.