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This section provides access to innovative resources and materials to teach chemistry. The selected source focus on the exploitation of new technologies and on the valorisation of enquiry based methods.

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100cia Química (Chemistry Science) José Antº Pascual
3DMolSym (Molecular Symmetry) Developed by Nickolas D. Charistos, Scientific supervisors: Michael P. Sigalas, Constantinos A. Tsipis 2005
3DNormalModes (Normal Modes) Developed by Nickolas D. Charistos, Scientific supervisors: Michael P. Sigalas, Constantinos A. Tsipis 2003
50 Really Cool Online Tools for Science Teachers 2010 ongoing
À Descoberta da Cor na Iluminura Medieval - step by step (Towards colour discovery in Medieval Illumination - step by step) Departamento de Conservação e Restauro Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia Universidade Nova de Lisboa
A formular! (Let´s formulate) Nacho Cloquell Castañer 2011
A Química das coisas (The Chemistry of Things) Paulo Ribeiro Claro (Universidade de Aveiro), Science Office and Duvideo Filmes. 2011-2012
Acessa Física IEASC - Instituto de Estudos Avançados (USP) DICE - Centro de Divulgação Científica e Cultural (USP) 2009
AeL E-Content On-Going
Air Defenders Sara Burr, Lindsay Haas , Rhonda O’Leary, Joe Ancel, Charles Warzecha , Kathy Esposito, Carrie Morgan, Greg Swanson , Al Stenstrup, Joel Stone 2004
Amazing Chemistry Teacher Resources
An Introduction to Chemistry Mark Bishop 2012
ArgusLab 4.01 Mark Thompson 2007
Arkusze Maturalne z CHemii n/a
Basic Chemistry Deniz Candaş 2011
Basic Chemistry Classroom Karaman Anatolian School 2008
Baza Narzędzi Dydaktycznych - Database of Teaching Tools Entuzjaści Edukacjii 2011
BBC School Science 2012
Biochemistry Unit Arwel Jones 2009-2011
Carbon B Giannakoudakis, A.; Kousathana, M.; Bekiaris, N.; Nalbadis, K.; Salta, K.; Sigalas, M.; Tzougraki, C.; Charistos, N. 2007
CERP - Chemistry Education Research and Practice on-going
Che cos'è la Chimica? What is Chemistry? Gustavo Avitabile, Ugo Caruso, Giovanni Maglio, Antonello Merlino, Delia Picone 2007
CHEM-ŁEB czyli Chemiczne strony Witka Witold Mozga n/a
CHemED DL – Chemical Education Digital Library
CHEMFAN Discussion Group Andrzej Kasperowicz; Grzegorz Szyszło 1996
Chemia - Wirtualny Podręcznik Podstawy i Zastosowania Chemia Ogólna 2002
CHEMIA E-Learning Portal Społeczności Lokalnej Miasta Kraków 2011
CHEMIA net w Chemia net 2006
Chemia Organiczna OnLine various chemistry teachers n/a
Chemia SK Rudy Haraga a kolektív. 2000 to this time
CHEMIA SOS – Pomoc z Chemii Chemia SOS 2006
Chemia-Gimnazjum - Portal wiedzy o chemii Benkowik 2009 2007
Chemical Compound of the Month Valavanidis Athanasios, Efstathiou Constantinos (Eds.) 2012 (starting 2006)
Chemical Reaction A. Willm Chemical forum memebers 2006
Chemie - Chemical Education Portal 2001
Chemistry – Set of Presentations
Chemistry and ICT on Gymnasiums – Grammar Schools Janka Biskupičová September 2012
Chemistry and Living Enviroment Mária Ganajová, Ivana Gibalová, Ralf Becker, Viktor Obendrauf 2010
Chemistry and Water Treatment various 2010
Chemistry at Home Salta,K.; Gekos, M.; Koulougliotis, D.; Petsimeri, I. 2012
Chemistry at Steve Spangler Science Steve Spangler on-going
Chemistry Calculations B Giannakoudakis, A.; Kousathana, M.; Bekiaris, N.; Nalbadis, K.; Salta, K.; Sigalas, M.; Tzougraki, C.; Charistos, N. 2007
Chemistry Chaos - Planet Science various on-going
Chemistry Companion Site, 11/e Raymond Chang, William College Kenneth Goldsby, Florida State University Raymond Chang, William College Kenneth Goldsby, Florida State University
Chemistry Demos And Activities Donald Lacy 25.04.2008г.
Chemistry E-Book (11th Grade) Nusret Kavak 2011
Chemistry E-Book (9th Grade) Havva Demirelli, Nusret Kavak 2011
Chemistry e-Book (Lower Secondary School – 2nd Grade) Avramiotis, S.; Aggelopoulos, V.; Kapelonis, G.; Sinigalias, P.; Spantidis, D.; Trikaliti, A.; Filos, G 2011
Chemistry e-Book (Lower Secondary School – 3rd Grade) Theodoropoulos, P.; Papatheofanous, P.; Sideri, F. 2011
Chemistry e-Book (Upper Secondary School – 1st Grade) Liodakis, S.; Gakis, D.; Theodoropoulos, D.; Theodoropoulos, P.; Kallis, A. 2011
Chemistry Experiment Simulations and Conceptual Computer Animations Tom Greenbowe (Iowa State University)
Chemistry for Junior Certificate - Science Unleashed National Centre for Technology in Education 2007
Chemistry for Junior Certificate Science Various 2010 ongoing
Chemistry for Juniors - Sci-Spy National Centre for Technology in Education on-going
Chemistry for Life
Chemistry in Action! Peter Childs, Hon. Editor on-going
Chemistry in the Kitchen
Chemistry Lab and Pilot Plant Tour Various (ABPI) 2006
Chemistry Professor
Chemistry Stimulus To Engage - Discover Sensors Teacher network on-going
Chemistry Sundays 2011
Chemistry Support Service various seconded teachers on-going
Chemistry Teachers Sharing Site Tahir Dikicigil 2011
Chemistry Teaching from the Point of the ITC View Zuzana Haláková 2005
Chemistry Teaching Web Sites last modified on October 19, 2000
Chemistry: All About You 2012
CHEMNET Dr Tim O'Sullivan, University College Cork Dr Grainne Hargaden, Dublin Institute of Technology 2011
Chemsketch 12 Software 2010
ChemVLab+ project Jodi Davenport
ChemWiki: The Dynamic Chemistry Textbook Prof. Delmar Larsen
Chimica Pratica 2009
Chimicamente Dino Ticli 2003
Chromatography of Colorants Used in Medicines A. Willm 2010
Ciencia en acción (Science in Action) Rosa María Ros Ferré (Director) Firs edition in 1999.
Ciencia para Nes Videotutoriales de un Profesor Gallego para su hija Pequeña. (Science for Nes: One Teacher´s Videotutorials for his Daughter) Not found
Ciência@Bragança Centro Ciência Viva de Bragança Instituto Politécnico de Bragança 2012
Clean Water Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2010
Club of Young Ecologists Liubomira Pelova
Compound Interest 2014
Construire Une Séquence sur les Gazutilisant un Logiciel de Simulation Atelier Théorie Cinétique des Gaz F. Chauvet, C. Duprez, 2004
Cool Science Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Creative Chemistry
Découverte de la réaction chimique (Discovering the chemical reaction) Divna Brajkovic 6th of March 2013
Didáctica de la Química y Vida Cotidiana (Chemistry and nowadays Life Didactics) Gabriel Pinto 2002
Discover Primary Science Activities Various 2010
Diverciencia Fernando Jimeno Castillo
Docent online Piotr Gogolewski; Tomasz Bąkowski 1998
Dozzzaqueux Biansan Jean-Marie
Drugs Milan Melicherčík, Danica Melicherčíková, Mária Lichvárová, Ivan Ružička, Otto Tomeček 2005
E-Learning in the Education of the Apllied Environmental Chemistry Melánia Feszterová - [email protected] 2009
E-yliko (Secondary School Chemistry – Teaching Proposals) Anagnostopoulos, P.; Kalogeropoulos, N.; Meidani, A.
EDUCA – Education for Modern School Staff in Ustecko Region 2011
Educaplus Jesús Peñas Cano 1998
Education IT Network Various Authors On-Going
Education Portal Various authors On-going - E-Learning Educational Portal Edudu - Interactive Agency n/a
Effective Learning by Reformation of Education at Gymnasiums (Grammer Schools) Marek Šima, Jiří Šolc, Jarmila Austová
EKFE Chania (Secondary Education Laboratory Center for Physical Sciences at Chania – Crete)
EKFE Rethymnou (Secondary Education Laboratory Center for Physical Sciences at Rethymnon – Crete)
Electrolysis, Part 1 Multimedia Lesson Petinka Galcheva
Electronic Book for Tablet (iPad, …) Dominique Lambert 2012
Electronic Students’ Books Stefan Tsankovski, Lilyana Boyanova, Antoaneta Sokolova, Nevyana Encheva, Tanya Angelova, Galin Petrov, Penka Ribarska
ESO – Electronic Study Supports ICT Prague scientists 2005
Everyday Chemistry Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; 1986
Expressions of Subject Chemistry Various Authors
FisQuiWeb Luis Ignacio García González 2006
Food Education Attilio Baghino, Carlo Casu, Daniela Palamone, Davide Molinas, Federica Orrù, Laura Pinna, Lucia Murgia, Simona Cicala, Luca Lucchesi, Massimo Dall’Oglio, Pier Paolo Palamone, Sergio Casu, Stefano Martis, Susanna Canè, Valeria Casu 2000
Fq-Experimentos Manuel Díaz Escalera 2007
FREE – Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Free Online Stoichiometry Course David Yaron, Rea Freeland; Colin Ashe; Michael Karabinos; Kirk Zhang; Keith S Williams; Nathan Dobson 2000
Fundamental and Applied Chemical and Physical Sciences
General Chemistry Laboratory September 2011
Green Chemistry Various authors 2012
Hands-on Chemistry Activities with Real-Life Applications: Easy-to –Use Labs and Demonstrations for Grades 8-12 Herr Norman, Cunningham James B. 1999
Home Cosmetics 2010
How to Create Molecules on a Tablet (iPad…) Dominique Lambert 2011
How to Create Quizzes or Cloze Tests with “Hotpotatoes” Dominique LAMBERT 2010
I'm Learning Darin Madzharov, Maria Nikolova February, 2012
iChemistry 2013
Infovek from 2000 to this time
Iniciación Interactiva a la Materia (Interactive Introduction to the Matter) Mariano Gaite Cuesta 2005
Internet Radio Various Authors On-Going
Internet TV Various Authors On-Going
Ionic Compound Dissolution A.W
Jogos em Química (Games in Chemistry) Isabel Ramos, Flora Ferreira, Paula Gomes, Vitor Gil e João Paiva 2004
JuniorLAB Developed by Nickolas D. Charistos, Scientific supervisor: Michael P. Sigalas 2004
Khan Academy 2012
La Tabla Periódica (The Periodic Table) Juan José Romero Anaya y Félix Vallés Calvo 2000
La web de la Materia. (Matter web) Aníbal Parra Ruiz
Labchimica- Itas Santorre di Santarosa 2011
Las Mujeres en la Física y Química-Quimicaweb (Women in Physics and Chemistry) Joaquín Recio Miñarro 2007
Las reacciones Químicas (Chemical Reactions) Rafael Jiménez Prieto y Pastora María Torres Verdugo 2004
Le Coin des Élèves (Students’ Corner)
Learn Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry 2012
Leonardo-Museo Scientifico Interattivo Virtuale Giuseppe Zito
Luce Virtuale 2001
Madrid es Ciencia (Madrid is Science) Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d
Materials for Special Uses M.Carnasciali, L.Ricco, C.Artini, A.Cardinale 2010
Medicines and You Marion Palmer (educational consultant) 2006
MERLOT Chemistry Portal various authors
METU OpenCourseWare Various Authors 2012
Michael Canov
Milk and Milk Products
MNE Chemistry E-Book (11th Grade) Mehmet Faruk Dursun, İbrahim Gülbay, Filiz Fatma Özkoç, Ümit Tek, Mehtap Güntut 2011
MNE Chemistry E-Book (9th Grade) Mehmet Faruk Dursun, İbrahim Gülbay, Serpil Çetin, Ümit Tek 2011
Modern Science Software Products 2000
Modernisation of the Education Processes in Primary and Secondary Schools 2010
Moja Chemia mgr inż. Ewa Wesołowska-Kłosowska 2011
Molecularium - Simulações em Química Física (Physical Chemistry Simulations) João Paiva, Victor M.S. Gil, Carlos Fiolhais, Pedro Vieira Alberto, Delfina Almeida, Jorge Gonçalves, Manuel Salgueiro, Susana Fonseca, Ilídio Martins last updated 13/05/2005
Molecules Anaglyphs A. Willm 2008
Molevision Mike Casey 2009
Multimedia in Teaching Chemistry Mária Ganajová, Marcela Slivková, Karl Hagenbuchner 2009
Nano in my Life CRANN researchers including Martin Sheehan 2011
National Education Portal Ciella Soft and Publishing Ltd. And Leks.Bg. Ltd. 2006
Naučte viac – vzdelávací portál pre moderných učiteľov 2009
NBC LEARN - Free resources – Chemistry now 2012
Nuffield Foundation Practical Chemistry 2012
PARSEL (Popularity and Relevance of Science Education for Science Literacy) Consortium of 9 partners from 8 European Countries (University of Ioannina, University of Lisbon, ICASE London, Free University of Berlin, IPN Kiel, University of Tartu, Weizmann Institute Rehovot, Lund University, University of Southern Denmark Odense) 2009
PCCL Physics and Chemistry by a Clear Learning Jean-Pierre Fournat 2004
Pharmachemical Ireland - Cosmetics Module Geraldine Mooney-Simmie 2009
PhET Kathy Dessau, Linda Wellman, Noah Finkelstein, Chris Malley, Noah Podolefsky, Mindy Gratny, Jonathan Olson, Julia Chamberlain, Danny Rehn, Sam Reid Oliver Nix, Ariel Paul, Kelly Lancaster, Emily Moore, Kathy Perkins, Trish Loeblein, Michael Dubson, Robert Parson, John Blanco 2011
Physic Eau Chimie5 A team of teachers coordinated by Dominique Marcaillou, IA-IPR (school inspector) in physics-chemistry in Paris and by Josette Maurel, retired physics and chemistry teacher.
Physical Chemistry Virtual Lab Alessandro Belletti, Renato Borromei e Gianluigi Ingletto 2006-2010
Pictograms and Chemical Products F.Tessier
Polish Educational Portal Interklasa Fundacja - Polski Portal Edukacyjny Interkl@sa 2000
Portal:Chémia 1995
Portale 2000
PowerPoint: Showing Chemistry Bigger Than Life Ken Costello — Chemistry Department — Phoenix College 2005
Principles of Alchemy by Merlin Dr Jamie Love 1996-2010
Professor Dave's Amazing Molecules Professor David Smith 2009 –date (on-going)
Proyecto Ulloa (Ulloa project) Félix Sabino Vallés Calvo, Carlos Abarca Fillat, Juan José Romero Anaya 2010
pyAcidobasic Georges Khaznadar
Química molecular e Substâncias Iónicas (Molecular Chemistry and Ionic substances) Ricardo Sousa Rodrigues
Química Orgánica. Entorno educativo interactivo para el apoyo del proceso de enseñanza/aprendizaje de la química orgánica. (Interactive learning environment to support teaching / learning of org... Agustín García Barneto
Rader's CHEM4KIDS Andrew Rader Studios 1997-2012
Reaction Franck Fresnel 25 mars 2009
Recent Trends in Natural Science Education many authors - Anthology from International Conference October 2012
Renewable Energy Sources
Resources for Chemistry Educators Prof. J. Hildebrand,
RSC – Advancing the Chemical Sciences
Sagascience CNRS Sagascience team: Jean-Marc Dumas, Christine Girard, Sylvie Langlois
School Chemistry Necdet Çelik, Serkan Yılmaz 2007
SciChallenge project 2015
Science Bites on line Glasgow Science Centre
Science Children Various Authors On-going
Science in School – Greek, Chemistry Various authors 2006 - on going
Science Kids - Chemistry
Self-Tutorial in Organic Chemistry SOU "Elin Pelin" Ruen
Skoool 2012 Intel, Castelo Branco Municipality, University of Coimbra, Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco. 2007
Soluções Aquosas de Elétrolitos Fortes (Aqueous Solutions of Strong Electrolytes) Carla Morais, João Paiva, Maria das Dores Silva, Carolina Alves, Ilídio Martins 2011
Solution Preparation A. Willm
Solved Problems from the Medical University in Pleven Book Maria Nikolova 17.12.2010
Structure de l’Atome: du Noyau à la Configuration Électronique July 2010
Studiumchemie: Portal Supporting Education in Chemistry
Study and discover Chemistry! Krisztián Kőhalmi Bori Szendőfi
Tabla Periodica de los Elementos Químicos. (Periodic Table of Elements) Benito Navarro
Tavola Periodica degli Elementi Riccardo Pettinari, Ivan Timokhin, Corrado Di Nicola, Claudio Pettinari, Fabio Marchetti 2010-2012 Daniele Paglialunga
Teaching Chemistry Michael Seery on-going
The Macrogalleria Department of Polymer Science - University of Southern Mississippi 2005-2012
The Periodic Table of Videos University of Nottingham on-going
The Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE), 4th Generation The Technology Enhanced Learning in Science Community (TELS) last updated in 2012
The Wonderful World of Chemistry 2009
The World of Chemistry 2011
Tudo Flui (Everything flows) Mónica Oliveira (project coordinator) 2008
Using of ICT Technology in Teaching Chemistry 2010
Video Lessons Various Authors On-going
Virtual Campus at the Faculty of Chemistry at UMCS Faculty of CHemistry UMCS 2004
Virtual Chemical Laboratory Boian Michailov 2005
Virtual Chemistry Experiments David N. Blauch updated in 2012
Virtual Chemistry Laboratory for Irish Post-Primary Schools (VCLIPPS)- A Practical ICT Approach to the Promotion of Enquiry and the Assessment thereof. Dermot Donnelly 2010
Virtual Experiment: Viscosity Explorer 2012
Virtual Laboratory Eralp Altun, Burak Feyzioğlu, Barış Demirbağ 2011
Virtual Portal – MEMORIZER.PL Bartosz Turek 2006
Vitamin Eğitim Various authors on-going
Water: The Essential Substance of Life Dr. Edward F. Block
Web Portal Modern Teacher - Innovative Teachers Network
WebQuest: Investigando as Chuvas ácidas (Investigating the Acid Rain) Maria do Rosário Beleza 2011
WebQuests: 1. 2010 Viagem no Espaço! (2010 Travel in space!) 2. A Química no Rasto do Crime! (Chemistry in the Track of Crime!) 3. Sensibilizando para a energia limpa! (Raising awareness for clean e... Carla Morais e João C. Paiva 2006
World of Chemistry Roald Hoffman et al 1990 - 0nwards
World of Teaching 2003 - 2012 - Portal Chemiczny Politechniki Rzeszowskiej Academic teachers of Faculty of CHemistry Politechniki Rzeszowskiej 2004
Zadania z Chemii admins of n/a
ZamKor Chemia – Chemistry Portal ZAMKOR 2012
Zazijchemii 2012

National Reports on successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry The national reports on chemistry successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry are now available on the related section of the project portal. The reports presents examples of successful experiences in the partner countries and the results of testing of ICT resources with science teachers.