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Learn Chemistry
Royal Society of Chemistry
Royal Society of Chemistry
Web Site/Portal, Downloadable software, Downloadable material
Basic, Medium, Advanced
Cooperative learning, Problem solving, Peer education, Modelling, Experiential learning
Fundamental Chemistry, Life Chemistry, Materials Science, Food Science, History of Chemistry, Health Science, Industrial Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
Primary School, Lower Secondary School, Upper Secondary School
This fantastic website has 2859 resources for teaching chemistry, categorized for pupils from early primary to post-secondary level.
It includes:
Presentations (100)
Videos (59)
Handouts (292)
Worksheets (90)
Quizzes (4)
Experiments (331)
Games (8)
Tutorials (118)
Websites (8).
This wealth of material is astonishingly well-selected.
The RSC has gathered as many support materials as anyone could ask for in the interest of teaching and promoting chemistry, with state-of-the-art ICT and current attention-grabbing topics like chemistry in the Olympics.
Limerick Institute of Technology

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Date: 2014.12.15

Posted by Mariusz Jarocki (Poland)

Message: Is the teaching resource described useful for you? Why?
The site is very well organized and reliable source of information. It includes tutors, interactive simulations, screen experiments and more materials, all in very high quality. Browsing the site is easy, information is coherent, methods of presentation very well selected. It is excellent as a support for teaching chemistry and self-learning.

Do you think it can increase students’ interest toward chemistry? Why?
I think that the site is one of the best examples of internet resources which can motivate students to learn chemistry. The presentations have modern look, can be exciting (especially the interactive ones). A student can easily understand relations between phenomena on microscopic and macroscopic level.

Do you think it can help students to understand better and faster? Why?
The site has a great pedagogical value and it can be perfectly used as complementary tool in teaching chemistry. The main contribution is virtual presentation of experiments, with all advantages connected to it.

Do you think it proposes an innovative didactic approach? Why?
Innovative character of the materials comes from their high quality. Its adaptation in innovative teaching process seems to be more clear than in the case of other resources. I love a division of material on the part for students and for their teacher. The site was the first resource where I can clearly see a plan and an idea.

Date: 2013.02.07

Posted by Miroslav Prokša (Slovakia)

Message: From the point of content and topic it is very rich educative portal from Royal Society of Chemistry. It is at a very high level. You can find there well processed information with a very good organization; it is regularly updated of the newest knowledge and information from scientific area. At the main page you can find Highlights where teachers can find the best materials. This page is divided into 8 parts: Chemistry courses, Chemistry careers, Events and Competitions, Education Communities, Periodic Table, Chemistry in Olympics, Chemistry World Magazine, Education in Chemistry magazine. This page is focused on various age categories, for 5-7 years old to students of universities. It can be also used by teachers at elementary schools, high schools or at universities. It contains a lot of various kinds of materials, presentations, videos, experiments, games, tests, simulations, another links to web pages and etc. Materials are divided into 2 groups: study sources and teaching sources. Two browsers can be used: student or teacher. Materials have a further division according to context (water, air, energy, food, human health, future cities) and according to subjects (chemistry in action, organic chemistry, thermodynamics, geological chemistry). We like this portal very much because it offers a lot of various applications, supportive materials and ideas for teachers. It is a valuable source of information for students and teachers. A teacher of chemistry can join a discussion, read articles about chemistry or download publications. Public forum is available and individual from community can ask questions there. At this page is also created a space for wiki part where a teacher can contribute with his teaching materials or share them and he can also use materials from other teachers. It is definitely useful for each teacher of chemistry. I will recommend it to other teachers.

Date: 2013.02.02

Posted by Mária Smreková (Slovakia)

Message: A great informative web page with many different applications, wide range of links, windows, videos and texts. There is a lot of exercises which can be sometimes realized with difficulties in school conditions. Limiting can be too many resources but they are all very good in teaching chemistry. They are clear and useful for every teacher and have a high professional standard. Design of web pages is attractive and organization of resources is sufficient. Some of the resources can support inovative didactic approaches, ag. How to integrate this resources effectively into the curriculum. Disadvantage is that it is available only in English – also Google translate won’t help which is a challenge mainly for older teachers and begginers. A big advantage is that a browser is organized separately for teachers and separately for students, it is continuously updated and very well organized by a search, so you won’t loose your time. We can see there a big professionalism and huge amount of resources at which it is based – more than 6000 different studies and teaching materials and 8 sections in two main groups there is more than 5400 learning resources and products divided according to the topic and age of a student.

Date: 2012.12.17

Posted by Dr. Zdeněk Janků (Czech Republic)

Message: I like this web source because it contains many various applications. There is a wide variety of windows and links, both video and text which refer to various chemical fields. This is desirable not only from vocational point of view but also from pedagogic one. Experiments that cannot be performed at secondary schools are presented. Sure I will try to use some of the materials in my classess. The presented materials can help the students to understand better and faster. An innovative didactical approach is proposed. The source can surely increase the students’ interest toward chemistry; the students are motivated easily by such content. Just spoken part in English that cannot be translated by Google translator may be an obstacle.

Date: 2012.10.04

Posted by Erdem ÇAKIR (Turkey)

Message: This web site has a good quality web design. Firstly on the main page you can find Highlights/Top Resources from which teachers can find the best materials for his/her class. Secondly learning resources and teaching resources are divided. A teacher or a learner is not lost between the subjects. If the visitor is a learner he can use a number of learning resources. Learners can find up to nearly 2900 resources for learning. The resources also have a number of varieties such as handouts, videos, presentations, experiments, games, articles and so on. This website is a good resource for teachers as well. A teacher of chemistry can join discussions, read articles on chemistry or observe the publications on that area. There is a public forum from which individuals from the community can ask questions. This website has resources for different levels. There is a search engine bar for the visitors so that you do not have to search what you are looking for between hundreds of materials. The site also has wiki part by which you can contribute others by sharing teaching resources. What makes this site attractive is that it is not only a resource but also a forum, sharing platform and a place that people can contribute.

Date: 2012.10.03

Posted by Antonella Lotti (Italy)

Message: This web site/ portal is really surprisingly rich!
Created and updated by The Royal Society of Chemstry in England, it gathers about 6.000 teaching and learning products.
There are 8 sections: Chemistry courses, Chemistry Careers, Events and Competitions, Education Communities, Periodic Table, Chemistry in Olympics, Chemistry World Magazine, Education in Chemistry Magazine.
All the products are classified in 2 main groups: learning resources (2511 products) and teaching resources (2931 products). There are 2 browsers: for the teacher and for the student.
The products are also classified for context ( water, air, energy, food, human health, future cities, ), for subjects (chemistry in action, organic chemistry, thermodynamics, geological chemistry) and for ages (: 5-7 years, 7-11 years, 11-14 years, 14 – 16 years, 16-18 years, + 18 years).
The products are: presentations, videos, hand-outs, worksheets, quizzes, experiments, games, tutorials, websites.
There are many products and a teacher could use them according different models of teaching and learning. There are also 12 cases for Problem based learning!
It’s a very rich portal, well organized, updated.

Date: 2012.09.27

Posted by Paulo Ribeiro Claro (Portugal)

Message: Excellent site with a huge number of resources for teaching chemistry. Clearly useful for every teacher.

The quality of resources has a high standard, the design of the site is appealing and the organization of resources is adequate.

A few resources may promote innovative didactical approaches if effectively integrated in a teaching plan.

The main limitation of this site seems to arise exactly from its dimension: with more than one thousand resources, navigation through it will turn to be a big challenge for beginners.

National Reports on successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry The national reports on chemistry successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry are now available on the related section of the project portal. The reports presents examples of successful experiences in the partner countries and the results of testing of ICT resources with science teachers.