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Rositza Dimkova
Chemistry teacher
TITLE OF TEACHING RESOURCE (,,Trends in the Periodic Table’’ )
Topics related to the resource
Learning about Trends in the Periodic Table
Information about the class
The resource was tested in a class taking an intensive English language course (Professional Mechanoelectrical High School - Sevlievo (Bulgaria), due to undergo vocational education and training in the field of Computer Engineering. All the trainees (11girls and 15 boys) were born in the year 1999.
Suggestion for use
The resource offers an interactive online periodic table. It can be used in almost any lesson as it facilitates the study of the theory for the atomic construction in relation to the position of the elements in the periodic system. It conveys great amount of information about the chemical elements – how they were discovered and their most important properties. The combination of videos, pictures, experiments and interesting facts about the substances make the resource students’ favourite.
Insights into student
use / thinking
Students enjoy using this resource as all the notions and relations they consider difficult and abstract are explained in an interesting, user friendly way. They say it helps them learn the relations in the periodic system and they are willing to use it in other chemistry lessons.
Teacher’s conclusions
Now that I have tested the resource with the students, I am more strongly than ever convinced in the importance of ICT for the teaching-learning process. Our success was also due to the students’ linguistic and computer skills as well as the modern labs at our school

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