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Galina Kirova, Jenna Staykova
chemistry teachers
Topics related to the resource
Understanding of the concept of sustainable development through the use of self-browsing Internet sources to provoke environmental awareness
Examples of learning objectives
To get acquainted with the achievements of modern technology, to increase motivation to learn science by emphasizing the relevance of chemistry to modern life, to form an awareness of environmentally sustainable development through case studies, to improve group work and encourage the use of Internet resources.
Information about the class
- 9 students from Vocational secondary School of Electronics A. S. Popov – Veliko Tarnovo; year of training – second; club „Life with no risk”; field „ Computer engineering”;
- 6 students from Private High-school „American college Arcus” Veliko Tarnovo, , club „ Trust”
Suggestion for use
1. Presentation of the case to all participants in the group. Detailed study of the case and defining the basic problem.
2. Analysis of the proposed Internet resources related to the topic of the case. Group discussion and decision-making. Developing of intellectual map of the pros and cons of the decision.
3. Reports before all groups of analysis that each group had made of their case.
4. Discussion in the common group and debating over possible solutions and alternative opinions.
Insights into student
use / thinking
Students like the idea of working with students from other schools who freely speak English. The selected sites are easily accessible by students and promote their self study. They like the electronically presented animated models and varied new and interesting information.
Teacher’s conclusions
For the implementation of new educational goals and in order to educate active, creative, independent individuals with a high degree of intellectual development, it is necessary for teachers to use such forms of training which ensure utilization and interpretation of educational content by stimulating their cognitive activity and provide the student with motivation and willingness to learn, and all these can be achieved through the use of Internet resources.

National Reports on successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry The national reports on chemistry successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry are now available on the related section of the project portal. The reports presents examples of successful experiences in the partner countries and the results of testing of ICT resources with science teachers.