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Maria Fabianova
Vocational secondary school in Krupina
teacher involved
Topics related to the resource
basic and fundamental chemistry, material science, life chemistry
Examples of learning objectives
- to learn basic and fundamental chemistry topic as periodic table on secondary school
- to show students the characteristics of the elements in an entertaining and didactic way
Practical information regarding the use
of the site/simulation...
- this resource is very easy to find, to open and very intuitive and user friendly to work and open all elements and videos
Information about the class
- vocational secondary school in Krupina, 13 students in age about 15 years old,
- it is important to say, that this web page was selected as basic starting point for this students to show what is t he periodic table a nd what are chemistry elements as well
- this level of students is very basic in science topic, especially in chemistry however this school is focusing on education food production
Suggestion for use
- before starting the work with the resource, the teacher briefly introduced pupils students about periodic table – what was done many times before – and how can use and shows this web page
- students in 3 groups for 4 shows elements step by step from the basic elements
- teacher explain each video separately and repeated what exactly was happened on this video as chemistry reaction
Insights into student
use / thinking
- students showed intense interest during watching the videos. They asked several questions which triggered further discussion and offered the opportunity for knowledge expansion.
- students also participated with a lot of enthusiasm and were very satisfied with this for them new approach and reactions were very positive
- on this school and in this conditions is not very common to use something new as education with internet or something not very traditional
- students showed this portal on 3 computers and only basic elements as hydrogen, oxygen, iron, copper, aluminium, silicon, phosphorus, chlorin , argon, magnesuim and sodium.
Teacher’s conclusions
- it was a first time that we used this way of education directly in class
- is was very important to prepare students for this way and explain each video
- we are focusing on basic elements and elements which are important for food industry
- the resource provided interesting insights how to learn this topic in interesting and inreactive way
- the portal is a valuable tool in teaching periodic table and students found this portal easy to use and very interesting
- for this students it was very good and very useful education experience for your future orientation

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