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Discover Primary Science Activities
Downloadable material
Experiential learning
Fundamental Chemistry
Primary School
Discover Primary Science and Maths has been a highly successful programme in Ireland. The website, recently reorganized, has an entirely new section - Activities. It is possible to search through the entire range of activities and filter them by curriculum strand and the age group of the class. This allows teachers to quickly and easily find the ideal resource.
The website also contains information about Discover Science Centres, where visits can be made.

The chosen lesson is only one of a myriad of resources on this website, which includes:
A range of activity movies that can be used in class to join Molly and Spidey as they investigate.
Science activity sheets providing step by step instructions for all fun science activities.
An e-Newsletter, providing a wealth of information about the Discover Primary Science Programme and other general science based topics throughout the year.
Links to other great Primary Science and Maths websites.

Sample activities are shown here:
The Discover Primary Science Programme has been highly successful in Ireland. Almost 5,000 teachers from around the country have joined the project to show pupils how important science is to everyday life and how much fun it can be! The website and the activities which can be downloaded are highly recommended. Guidance for age and level, preparation, health and safety and curriculum links are given. These are tried and tested activities and offer soemthing for everyone across the primary age spectrum.
Limerick Institute of Technology

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Date: 2014.08.08

Posted by Maria José Rodrigues (Portugal)

Message: This resource presents various activities that allow the exploration of a wide range of science topics that help children understand the world around them.
The proposals are very appealing which will probably captivate the attention of children and young people, providing to the educator/teacher the possibility to implement more innovative pedagogical teaching practices, in educational contexts.
In general, the procedures, considering its didactic exploration, will allow the development of skills in various fields, as expressed in the guide of each activity.
The fact that proposals are made to continue exploring the studied issues, allowing their exploration with an increasing degree of complexity, is highlighted.

Date: 2012.10.03

Posted by Nurcan ERTUĞRUL (Turkey)

Message: “Discover Primary Science Activities” As the name suggests this site is prepared for younger students who are not yet have sufficient information about the fields of science and matematics. İn the learning process they see science and math is fun and easy to learn. This acquired in childhood impression makes succesful in these areas in the future. The other important aspects of this site that all the student activities are relevant to our daily lives. This programme is tried and tested in İreland and it has been succesful and has been awarded.
Many teachers benefit these activities to participate them to lesson or in order to attract their interest in the subject. İn our opinion this program gives a different perspective that encourages the students. İt can help the students better and faster because the young students learn the funny topics better and faster than the normal topics learned. Students download the activities easily as flash animation or PDF format in their computer .Then students suppose while watching cartoon or animated movie but they have a lot of information about this topic thanks to these movies. With these features the user is saved from over time and costs./ 190 No doubt this teaching resource enhance the young student’s motivation against science and math.

Date: 2012.09.04

Posted by Carla Morais (Portugal)

Message: Is the teaching resource described useful for you? Why?
According the information available, the described teaching resource has been a highly successful programme in Ireland. This website seems useful because has a large spectrum of science activity sheets, providing helpful instructions for science activities. It is possible to search through the entire range of activities and selected them by curriculum and age of the students'. We can also find a variety of activity movies that can be used in class to join the Molly and Spidey and investigate with them – such characters can be as playful elements that could contribute to the promotion of learning.
It is also important to refer that the website has an e-Newsletter - providing information about the Discover Primary Science Programme and other general science based topics – some links to other great Primary Science and Maths websites and some information about Discover Science Centres, where visits can be made.

Do you think it can increase the students’ interest toward chemistry? Why?
Recognizing that science education in the early years of schooling can make a decisive contribution to the promotion of scientific literacy, enhancing the development of skills necessary for carrying out an intervener and informed citizenship and integration in a qualified professional lives, in our opinion this website, given the quality and diversity of the resources it provided, can increase students' interest toward chemistry, in particular, and sciences in general.

Do you think it can help the students to understand better and faster? Why?
We believe that this kind of resources can help the students to understand better and faster because the values and content are usually presented mainly through playful aspects distributing scientific information along fictional narratives and simple activities, which may contribute to arise curiosity and prepare the brains of younger for processing more complex knowledge. Based on this type of challenges, where the precise and complex scientific environment are condensed in an accessible and attractive activities, as well as practical suggestions and simple scientific experiments, the invitation is challenging: experience the territory of playful experiences and learn it with fascination, the great science fascination.

Do you think it propose an innovative didactical approach? Why?
Basing in this kind of resources, teacher can make an interesting didactical approach, being called to lead and guide the student, which in turn is invited to get their hands-on-work and increase your understanding and curiosity about the world. This curiosity and the capability of questioning are crucial because, very often schools train people that give the right answers, but they don't do good questions, since that is properly worked out. These resources, designed to assist teachers in their work with very young students, can collaborate to increase the motivation of children toward the scientific environment. By showing the importance of science and technology, such resources can attract children and young people to scientific careers.

National Reports on successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry The national reports on chemistry successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry are now available on the related section of the project portal. The reports presents examples of successful experiences in the partner countries and the results of testing of ICT resources with science teachers.