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Chemistry Teaching Web Sites
last modified on October 19, 2000
Online course, Web Site/Portal, Downloadable software
Basic, Medium, Advanced
• The prerequisites
This web site is designed to help chemistry teachers and students on all levels find useful information, contacts and free software on the internet. It offers a sorted list of sites where is much more information available, it is just a matter of finding it. The list of useful sites is sorted into 11 groups depending on main field of interest.
This site was last modified on October 19, 2000
• The contents
The list of web sites is sorted into groups of interest given bellow:

High School Chemistry Sites
College Chemistry Sites
Government Agencies
Alta Vista Search Engine
Ky. Dept. of Ed.
KY's State Web Site
Nobel Prize Sites
Science Museums
Science Libraries
List Groups
Free Stuff

Each group is presented by a short description of content and prerequisites.
There is much more links listed in a tree structure within these 11 main groups. Each branch of the tree is described on it´s top according to the main interest.

• The aims
The main aim of this web site is to make it easier for chemistry teachers and students on all levels of educational system find various information, further sources of information and contacts on the field of chemistry. It should save time of the user. Still it has not been updated with new information.
• Task Description
Mostly it aims to create interconnection from different websites on one site, where one can go and find all relevant and necessary information not only in chemistry.
• How to use it in class
These pages are not able to use during the lesson. It doesn’t have any added value, the links doesn’t fits. They don’t contain plain texts with explanation of the given topic. It can’t be used as a material to prepare the lectures or as a study at home guide to turn to when unsure on some subject.
• Points of strength
Teachers and Students can make use of the extensive list of links to various pages on chemistry field. There is also a list of institutional web sites and contacts (mostly US located).
• Points of weakness
The site has not been updated since October 2000. Some of provided hypertext links do not work – web sites are not available.
• Scientific reliability
• Pedagogic value
Using of this web site can extend a portfolio of methods, papers and exercises used by the teacher (assuming that links listed on the reviewed web site are working). It can also extend the level of independent work and participation of the students themselves in chemistry lessons.

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Date: 2013.07.17

Posted by KATIUSHA STANCHEVA (Bulgaria)

Message: Chemistry is studies that reach new levels every day – it is developing system and to make it attractive for the audience, it is important that teachers be informed about innovations in Chemistry. Useful in this situation is Teaching Web Site. In this way teachers (and students) can use list of links to various Chemistry’ pages – not just training sites, but some for “new creations” in filed. The list with sites is sorted in groups, so it could be easy to find what you looking for, because every group is presented with description. There is much information on the Internet, but always it is better if the information is well-structured, which is the advantage of that site. Teachers can make students solving problems without give them all information, which extend the level of independent student’s work, because they should make research themselves and the site will be in use for that. Weak Point is that the site has not been updated since October 2000 and some of the hyperlinks do not work anymore. The site is not supposed using in class, during the lessons, but it could be great helper in preparing lessons or study Chemistry at home.

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