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CHemED DL – Chemical Education Digital Library
Web Site/Portal
Basic, Medium
Cooperative learning
Fundamental Chemistry, Life Chemistry
Primary School, Lower Secondary School
ChemEd DL seeks to provide exemplary resources for chemistry teachers and students—resources that are versatile and reliable tools that span all aspects of chemical education, from middle school science through college-level classes and topics. Our collection includes interactive simulations, tutorials, activities, wikis, reference materials, images, video and even more. You can use these digital resources in the classroom to demonstrate or illustrate chemistry concepts, in an online course, or integrated into activities or laboratories. In addition, your students can use them to supplement their chemistry learnin. On this web page you can find all information about teaching chemistry .
One of the key web page for the our chemstry project. Resources at ChemEd DL are grouped into collections. Collections for different areas of chemistry (general, organic, physical), for various educational levels (K–12, higher education), for educational settings (laboratory, lecture classroom), and several others exist at ChemEd DL. We welcome additional collections and you are encouraged to suggest or even curate other chemistry collections. ChemEd DL Resources are stored in a content repository from which they can be retrieved using a controlled vocabulary of keywords. Each resource is classified using keywords when it is added to our collections, and keywords are used to link resources with other related resources or with textbooks in our TIGER system.
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Date: 2014.05.21

Posted by Ciara O\' Shea (Ireland)

Message: I found the ChemEd-DL, Chemistry Education Digital Library to be an invaluable resource when teaching senior chemistry to my students. All topics in the senior chemistry were covered and each topic started with a brief history of the concept which the students found very engaging. Following this, each topic had the concept definiton laid out and some vocabulary surrounding the topic which the students found helpful.

It was an excellent tool for differentiated teaching and learning, as some students could do extra problem solving questions, while others could view computer simulations to help them gain a further understanding of the topic if they were finding it difficult.

Students found it very engaging and it provided a stimulus and a motivation, to delve deeper into chemistry. The videos were very useful in bringing chemistry to life for the students.

Date: 2013.02.07

Posted by Beata Brestenská (Slovakia)

Message: ChemEd DL – Chemical Education Digital Library is very interesting page dedicated to teaching and learning of chemistry at all levels of education. It is clear from the title that it is a library – source of big amount of educative objects and portals, eg.Periodic table Live!, Models 360, The Virtual laboratory, ACS: Science for Kids and etc. Part of Chemical Education Digital Library is ChemPRIME created at the basis of wiki which contains educative content for the subject of chemistry and it is supported by Wikipedia. You can find there also a dictionary of chemical terms, rich library of biographies of important scientists. The web page mentioned is very interesting and can be used directly in teaching process. It offers a lot of learning sources for students who want to learn in area of chemistry, history of chemistry and for students who want to know more about properties, structure, manufacture and use of various substances, about chemical reactions between atoms and compounds. Students and teachers will appreciate the database of 3D models of inorganic compounds and ions. 3D models of chemical substances are interactive, students can turn them and they are completed of other information about certain compound. ChemEd DL offers also online courses: ChemEd courses, Chem Teacher and Stereochemistry Tutorial. ChemEd courses are created as Moodle learning management system containing a lot of other courses. Content is focused on students of high schools and universities. A database of test Sample QBank Questions, General Chemistry QBank Questions for Moodle, Organic QBank for Moodle is also interesting and it is located in the course of Journal of Chemical Education. It enables to exercise and test the knowledge of students. Chem Teacher is created mainly for teachers and students of high schools and grammar schools. Students can stimulate and model chemical reactions in The Virtual Laboratory, eg.measurements of pH of substances. At the page of Chem Collective students can in addition to modeling of chemical reaction also solve various activities, use tutorial and various tests.

Date: 2013.01.07

Posted by Helena Kaniewska (Poland)

Message: ChemEd Courses, based on the Moodle course management system, contains courses that teach how to use ChemEd DL resources, encourage communication among teachers, enroll and teach students online, and enable teachers to create their own courses. ChemEd Courses is the basis for ChemEd DL workshops.
The Virtual Laboratory
In the Virtual Laboratory students can design and perform many aqueous chemistry experiments safely and quickly. Students use activities, laboratories, tutorials, and tests provided by the ChemCollective—or create their own!
JCE Web Software allows your students to be familiar with typical laboratory techniques before they come to lab, see videos of chemical demonstrations you do in class, interact with tutorials on many chemistry topics and so much more. JCE Web Software is all of your favorite JCE software programs delivered via the web including the Chemistry Comes Alive! collection, Lake Study, ChemPages Laboratories, and General Chemistry Multimedia Problems just to name a few. This is a fee-based resource.

Date: 2013.01.07

Posted by Luiza Wężyk (Poland)

Message: A very interesting initiative with a wide variety of resources where students can learn about the history, uses, properties, structures, and reactions of the elements from this interactive periodic tables. View images of the elements, models of their crystal structures, videos of their reactions. Graph numeric data and sort properties in a table.
Students can investigate a collection of 3-D, interactive models of organic and inorganic compounds, including extended-structure solids. Manipulate the models with their mouse to examine structure and bonding and demonstrate molecular geometries vibrations, symmetry, and orbitals.
ChemTeacher is especially useful to secondary school teachers and students. Resources range in level from introductory to Advanced Placement. Find reliable, quality videos, articles, demonstrations, worksheets, and activities, all searchable by topic and by science standards. The Periodic Table Resource Pack, for example, includes everything teachers and students need to investigate and learn about the periodic table.

National Reports on successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry The national reports on chemistry successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry are now available on the related section of the project portal. The reports presents examples of successful experiences in the partner countries and the results of testing of ICT resources with science teachers.