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This section provides access to innovative resources and materials to teach chemistry. The selected source focus on the exploitation of new technologies and on the valorisation of enquiry based methods.

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Acessa Física IEASC - Instituto de Estudos Avançados (USP) DICE - Centro de Divulgação Científica e Cultural (USP) 2009
Amazing Chemistry Teacher Resources
ArgusLab 4.01 Mark Thompson 2007
Biochemistry Unit Arwel Jones 2009-2011
Carbon B Giannakoudakis, A.; Kousathana, M.; Bekiaris, N.; Nalbadis, K.; Salta, K.; Sigalas, M.; Tzougraki, C.; Charistos, N. 2007
Chemia-Gimnazjum - Portal wiedzy o chemii Benkowik 2009
Chemistry Calculations B Giannakoudakis, A.; Kousathana, M.; Bekiaris, N.; Nalbadis, K.; Salta, K.; Sigalas, M.; Tzougraki, C.; Charistos, N. 2007
Chemistry Demos And Activities Donald Lacy 25.04.2008г.
Chemistry Experiment Simulations and Conceptual Computer Animations Tom Greenbowe (Iowa State University)
Chemistry Stimulus To Engage - Discover Sensors Teacher network on-going
Chemistry Support Service various seconded teachers on-going
Chemistry Teaching Web Sites last modified on October 19, 2000
Chemsketch 12 Software 2010
Chimicamente Dino Ticli 2003
Construire Une Séquence sur les Gazutilisant un Logiciel de Simulation Atelier Théorie Cinétique des Gaz F. Chauvet, C. Duprez, 2004
Cool Science Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Dozzzaqueux Biansan Jean-Marie
E-yliko (Secondary School Chemistry – Teaching Proposals) Anagnostopoulos, P.; Kalogeropoulos, N.; Meidani, A.
EDUCA – Education for Modern School Staff in Ustecko Region 2011
Education IT Network Various Authors On-Going
Expressions of Subject Chemistry Various Authors
JuniorLAB Developed by Nickolas D. Charistos, Scientific supervisor: Michael P. Sigalas 2004
Le Coin des Élèves (Students’ Corner)
Learn Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry 2012
Nano in my Life CRANN researchers including Martin Sheehan 2011
PhET Kathy Dessau, Linda Wellman, Noah Finkelstein, Chris Malley, Noah Podolefsky, Mindy Gratny, Jonathan Olson, Julia Chamberlain, Danny Rehn, Sam Reid Oliver Nix, Ariel Paul, Kelly Lancaster, Emily Moore, Kathy Perkins, Trish Loeblein, Michael Dubson, Robert Parson, John Blanco 2011
Physical Chemistry Virtual Lab Alessandro Belletti, Renato Borromei e Gianluigi Ingletto 2006-2010
Principles of Alchemy by Merlin Dr Jamie Love 1996-2010
pyAcidobasic Georges Khaznadar
Reaction Franck Fresnel 25 mars 2009
School Chemistry Necdet Çelik, Serkan Yılmaz 2007
SciChallenge project 2015
Science Children Various Authors On-going
Virtual Chemical Laboratory Boian Michailov 2005
Virtual Chemistry Experiments David N. Blauch updated in 2012
Virtual Laboratory Eralp Altun, Burak Feyzioğlu, Barış Demirbağ 2011

National Reports on successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry The national reports on chemistry successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry are now available on the related section of the project portal. The reports presents examples of successful experiences in the partner countries and the results of testing of ICT resources with science teachers.