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Teacher’s Training in the Czech Republic II

Marcela Grecová, Zdeněk Hrdlička, Veronika Popová

Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (Czech Republic)

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This paper deals with the current state of teachers’ training in the Czech Republic. It summarizes the topics of past conferences and focuses on the issue of undergraduate training of chemistry teachers. Individual problems in teaching of future teachers are discussed. This report describes the system of undergraduate preparation of chemistry teachers and deals with problems that are encountered. It monitors the directions that contribute to increasing the competence of students during the preparation for a job. It covers the possibilities and various projects focused on improving current situation. In the Czech Republic, the need for change in preparation of future teachers has been discussed for many years. These changes are, however, facing many obstacles.

A brief questionnaire was developed. It focused especially on teachers’ personal view of usefulness and availability of activities for teachers, what achievements and difficulties in lifelong education did they experience and what they would like to change in practice. The results of the questionnaire are discussed in the report. Furthermore, the paper focuses on finding solutions of these problems.

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Date: 2014.03.30

Posted by Mariusz Jarocki (Poland)

Message: This paper is focused on the undergraduate education system in Czech which is currently very fragmented. The authors discuss problems of undergraduate chemistry teacher training as well as current issues in teacher practice. The main problem is non-uniformity of the education system in different universities. Additionally, leads directors of schools often recruit teachers without proper approvals, and sometimes without a university degree. The authors mention some local solutions to improve the situations. Next, they describe lifelong teachers training in Czech with a comfortless conclusion that the courses of lifelong education are not very popular, even if the reputation of the individual schools might improve. Reasons have economic nature, unfortunately. The next section discusses a questionnaire to determine teachers’ views in practice. The most important part of it lists problems: lack of funding, lack of interconnection among science subjects, insufficient time for educational process, laws restrictions resulting in limits of experiments, declining number of students and, at last, problematical morality of students. The problems are very common to other countries so Czech experiences are very valuable, especially because the paper mention possibilities to improve the current state, but in very condensed form. As a conclusion, the authors emphasize a role of direct interaction between researchers and teachers in the context of programs of lifelong learning. So the document is highly related to the project Chemistry is all around network.

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