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Learning Guides: Tools to Mediate Student’s Learning

A. Silva1, O. Ferreira2, M.F. Barreiro2

1Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal
2Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


In this work, some orientations are proposed to assist the construction of learning guides that can effectively support the exploration of digital interactive simulations, guiding students through their learning process by helping them to organize and structure knowledge. Then, a case study related to the Radioactivity thematic is presented. A short summary of the learning guide developed is provided and the results of its application in the classroom context are presented. Data was gathered by a chemistry teacher in two classes of 90 minutes each, having 30 students with an average age of 17 years old, at the Abade de Baçal High school located in the city of Bragança, Portugal. The competences and the learning results acquired by students were evaluated through the application of pre- and post-tests applied before and after the classes. A normalized gain of 0.64 was obtained. The students’ opinion about the digital resources used was also collected by means of questionnaires. A vast majority of students (>90%) found the digital resources used interesting and more efficient than books, considering that they promoted the interaction with a fellow student, centring the discussion on chemistry themes. 70.8% thought that the resources used facilitated their understanding of the studied concepts. Evidence gathered suggests that the use of digital resources mediated by the teacher and by learning guides can enhance significant learning.

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