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Monika Pawlus
ABiS - Prywatne Gimnazjum i Liceum
Baza Narzędzi Dydaktycznych - Database of Teaching Tools
Baza Narzędzi Dydaktycznych - Database of Teaching Tools
Topics related to the resource
experiments in the kitchen and bathroom
Examples of learning objectives
to visualise everyday chemistry to students of I grade of gimnazjum level
Practical information regarding the use
of the site/simulation...
Access to internet is needed with OHP or interactive whiteboard
Information about the class
10 students
Suggestion for use
- to visualise experiments
- to teach critical thinking
- to teach group work and reflection on conclusion drawing
Insights into student
use / thinking
very good source of easy to perform experiments
All tasks are supported by explanations and comments of experts and present different ways of visualization of various experiments. They can be studied by students at home as well as used in the classroom even with students of not extended chemistry profile. Tasks are provided with answers and a throrough descriptiptions of how to perform the experiment in safe and effective way. They are carefully graded and without any doubt motivate students to experiment on their own. The portal also gives teachers an opportunity to play with various chemical concepts visualising chemistry in a daily use.
Teacher’s conclusions
Very useful tools for chemistry in the classroom and self study at home. All the descriptions of the experiments are provided to allow young people to visualise them and uderstand better. some experiments are encouraging students imagination and help them experiment of their own. Daily use of chemistry is pointed out. How to make a green scambled eggs - can inspire even the most reluctunt students

National Reports on successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry The national reports on chemistry successful experiences to promote lifelong learning for chemistry are now available on the related section of the project portal. The reports presents examples of successful experiences in the partner countries and the results of testing of ICT resources with science teachers.