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Petar Rachev
Chemistry teachers
Virtual Chemical Laboratory
Topics related to the resource
The product contains a wide range of sections – interactive conduct of experiments, chemical reactions model, chemistry reference book and glossary, laboratory diary, calculator, chemical equations editor. It can be used in the teaching of educational content in inorganic chemistry in 8. and 10. grade.
Examples of learning objectives
The resource covers a wide range of teaching material which makes it very useful in both lessons for new knowledge and exercises, reviews and summaries
Information about the class
The resource was tested with 20 students, 8th grade, Vocational High school of Electrotechnic, Gorna Oriahovitza with intensive learning of English
Suggestion for use
1. I used the resource in the „Sulphuric acid“ lesson, whereas I combined real chemical experiments with tests in interactive laboratory exercises.
2. Students showed great interest and worked well with the resource in the laboratory exercises section.
3. I used the product in the lesson „Compounds of aluminium“, whereas I stressed on the work with the chemical equations editor
Insights into student
use / thinking
Students were interested and were active in mastering new knowledge. They took pleasure in working with the product – most of them use the website at home. They did not come across difficulties in the course of the testing.
Teacher’s conclusions
The product is very well structured and offers a wide range of options to teachers in the teaching process, by presenting the learning content in various methodological units. The activity and interest of students increased when they found themselves in a position to take independent decisions and apply them in certain situations related to specific chemical element..

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